Sexual Healing

PART FOUR of an interview with a woman who works with men as a sexual healer and with women as a coach in the erotic arts.

hw: I let the energy build in me. Rather than releasing it through orgasm, I let it build and build. And then I’m in a state of heightened awareness. I can feel the man, what’s there in him, where the blocks are. I’ll start to get impulses. Creative impulses …
Sometimes, all it takes is permission. There is nothing you can’t do with me, I’ll say. There is nothing you have to do.
Don’t even think of trying to please me. That’s where I draw the line. Men are here to please women – this is an attitude that I often have to contend with. (As if the opposite attitude isn’t bad enough.) You can’t be with me if you can’t be here with and for yourself. That’s the only way we can come together.
jb: It takes two to tango, in other words.
hw: Right.
jb: So, what is a good lover for you?
hw: (turning to smile at the man who was with her for the interview) He’s someone who’s sensitive to my needs and still very connected to himself. That’s an irresistible combination.

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